Dublin Register of Defectors

There have been a couple of news stories recently, which are relevant to the Right To Defect.


Firstly, The Irish Times has reported that the Dublin Archdiocese retains a register of those wishing to defect, even though Canon Law still prevents them from formally recognising those defections.


Secondly, the Iona Institute campaign to retain the alcohol ban on Good Friday, again cites the number of Roman Catholics in the country.


Whether it relates to the Census or the number of registered defections, those who don’t wish to be used by the Iona Institute in this way, can register their preference not to be counted among the number of Irish Catholics. One way to do that is to virtually defect on this web site.



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    Connie higgins May 12, 2017

    A member of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland you are registered as a Catholic under the Vatican. It Irish Constitution enshrines ‘religious’ properties and operations as exempt from Irish law because the church follow canon law. Irish State do not have a claim to our hospitals and schools that was built by the people’s money.
    Hence you are a ‘Roman’ first and Irish second. I do not scribe to a Roman Catholic country in Ireland. It must respect all people of all or no faith.


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