register defection from the catholic churchIf you wish to register your church defection please select your choice and enter your details. We respect your privacy and do not use your details for any purpose whatsoever.

We only ask for an e-mail address so you can register, login, leave comments and amend your records later.

You can optionally leave details to display on our defection board – including a display name, the parish where you were baptised, a rough date of baptism (so the church can amend their records) and any comments on your reasons or thoughts on defect (keep it clean please or we may have to edit). These details are optional and you can leave them blank if you want.

We reserve the right to delete troll accounts or offensive comments.

Register Church Defection

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Catholic Defection Free Select
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The information below here is optional. If you enter information it will be displayed in a register for people to view. If you are uncomfortable with your name being on public view then you could just enter your first name or a nick name – John or JohnMcD. If you do not know your parish or date of baptism just enter “don’t know”. Please leave a message to tell others why you left the church. We request that you keep such messages polite as this is a public forum.



  1. Avatar
    Tracy-Leigh Tallant August 29, 2015

    i was baptised into the catholic faith in South Africa. I do not regret my convent schooling but I am not religious. I am an atheist and have been for more than 20years. I wish to be taken off the catholic count registaar.

  2. Avatar
    Pauline Scanlon October 10, 2015

    I was baptised a Catholic in childhood, before the age of consent and desperately wish to be taken off the register. I feel sullied as a person by my involuntary membership of what I consider to be a criminal organisation. They are rotten to the core.

  3. Avatar
    Dympna flynn October 09, 2016

    I left the Catholic Church through My baptismal cert was amended and I got a copy if it along with a letter from the pishop. I’m just wondering if this is the same thing. ??


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