Church Changes Defection Process

A Statement From Count Me Out

22/12/2009 – Changes to 3-step Process

Due in part to the number of requests generated by this website, the Catholic Church in Ireland has recently clarified its protocol for handling defections. Rather than sending the documentation to your diocese of baptism, it is now recommended that you contact the diocese in which you are currently resident.


We have been informed that defections sent under the previous arrangement will still be processed, so there is no need to resend your documentation.


In light of this change, we have made the following updates to the 3-step process:


  1. The field “Date of Baptism” has been removed; it is no longer needed. It remains as an optional field in the “Personal Information” section in the PDF;
  2. Required fields are now Name, County of Residence, Diocese of Residence, County of Baptism and Diocese of Baptism;
  3. Parish of Baptism remains as an optional field;
  4. The cover letter and documentation have been updated.


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