Ciara Brophy

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I was brainwashed by priests and teachers into believing the catholic church was the only way, until I reached the age of 12. It was then I started to learn about the reformation and realised that nothing had changed. The Greed and hypocrisy against which Martin Luther had protested was still rife in the RCC. I also began to think for myself and realised that the very notion of a prescribed set of beliefs was just ludicrous nonsense, designed to control the masses. I would rather navigate life using my own moral compass, which, in my opinion, is far superior to the morals displayed by the RCC. Around 1991, I stopped attending mass and considered myself to be no longer affiliated with any religious organisation. I never expected the sickening revelations that were to follow, which would obviously serve to reinforce my decision to turn away from the barbaric, hypocritical, greedy organisation that is the RCC.

Ciara Brophy 12th October 2017