Declan Paul Reynolds

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I became a born again Atheist in 1997 when my father was taken from us too early. I realised then that there was no Roman Catholic version of God. I never asked to be baptised, make communion or confirmation. I spent five years as a altar server and almost considered being a priest (sucked in by the elaborate rituals). Locally I am an avid reader and read more than the ONE book that most Catholics have never even bothered to read. I tried to defect in 2011 but my “next of kin” (mother) refused to sign the form (as she is a devout believer). That was a frustrating hurdle before the RC changed the Canon Law. I believe it is a disgrace that an adult cannot leave the cult of his parents without their permission. I am not a Roman Catholic believer. It is a corrupt organisation, controlling people’s minds for money, power and status. The revelations of paedophilia should have put an end to the organisation but the brainwashing and cognitive dissonance still helped maintain a following. I want the Irish State to remove any Catholic intereference in our children’s schools. Religion is not any form of knowledge.

Declan Paul Reynolds 15th October 2017