Dónal O’Flynn

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From the time I was old enough to understand it I have never believed in any aspect of the Catholic faith. I would rather not have been baptised, made first confession, communion and confirmation. Confession I take particular issue with. What "sins" does a nine year old have to confess? If I get married I will have a humanist ceremony and when I die I will have left instructions for a humanist funeral followed by cremation. Apart from musical performances, for which churches are often a great venue, I only darken their doors for weddings and funerals. These are important occasions and if the people involved wish them to take place in a religious setting I am more than happy to attend out of respect for my friends and loved ones. The discontinuation of the "Declaration of Defection" process is an affront to the right of freedom of religion and I deplore those who made the decision.

Dónal O'Flynn 12th October 2017