Fearghal Cotter

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I have never really believed since I was young, I also detest the fact that its not choice – you are baptized and signed up to an organisation as its the "norm" and social stigma dictated it. While I have no issues with any priests or Catholics (generally) I have been in contact with (in fact, I would say some are lovely people who only mean the best), I think the fact that you are not "allowed" to defect is downright absurd and shows the backward thinking that is unfortunately still the views of the draconian minded Catholic organisation. I will be filling out the form for defection, they can view me in whatever light they want – I am considering this to be me formally defecting and renouncing the faith that was thrust upon me before I could even recognise the face that brought me into this world. In my eyes, religion is and should be a choice. I am 30 years old, and stopped believing when I was 12. I would have defected years ago only for the ramifications of marriage, childrens education and general social perception to name a few reasons. The list could go on, but the main fact of the matter is I just don’t buy into it and never have.

Fearghal Cotter 12th October 2017