Maria Flood

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I resent it. I resent the lack of choice. I resent the sexism. I resent the lies: now and then. I resent the hidden, the overt, the manipulative, horrific treatment of women. I resent the sacrifices my mother made and the justifications she continues to make because her identity cannot be separated from a church who lied to her. I resent the lack of sex education. I resent the sexual abuse. I resent the limitations it put on my father, on his feelings, on his opportunities. I resent the person who my mother thought she had to be. I resent the questions my nieces have to ask about who this God could be when they watch the news and dead babies have been uncovered. I resent the fact that I am terrified to give birth to a child in my own country because if something goes wrong, I am not protected. I resent the fact that thousands of girls have had to travel alone or give birth alone or live alone.

Maria Flood 12th October 2017