Tatiana Spysznyk

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I am a Sovereign being whose energies are mine alone, and I am no longer permitting the use of, syphoning of, feeding off of, stealing of, selling of, harnessing of, harvesting of, experimenting with, collecting of, or borrowing of any of my creator energy, life force energy, soul energy, and any other energies produced by my sovereign, true, and infinite self-source by any organization, being, god, goddess, God, Goddess, entity, non-entity, corporation, government, military, religious organization, and any subsidiaries of any of these groups, or individuals, for any reason whatsoever. I call back and retrieve all energy taken, or used from me in the past, present, future, in all spaces, realities, dimensions, and timelines. I am my own Sacred Space from this point, past, future, and beyond through my entire ancestral DNA, and Soul lineage and beyond. And so it is. T. SPYSZNYK and all other names of past lives I have had.

Tatiana Spysznyk 12th October 2017